Wednesday, September 14, 2016


That's probably what people think when I'm not around or this blog had no new post or replied comments. To be frank, that I slightly lose interest in RM. Well, not entirely, just I think I'd use RM for personal use for now. I learned a lot of stuff already while releasing script or snippets for public. It was fun, and challenging, but it become boring and become a chore when it comes to supporting my whole scripts as the time goes by. I'm done with learning, time to make a real stuff.

Especially when we also have MV that most of people seems excited about it. Yes, I'm aware that some people who're still sticking in Ace. But that's it. I'm quite salty that MV got official development and support from the dev (version release and stuff), and yet Ace is still stay the same. Only community who expanded their stuff, hacking the dll, etc.

For now, and the future, I don't think I'd be around the community (VXAN, RMW, etc). No point continuing a hobby that becomes a chore. Besides, I already signed a contract to three people who wants me to be their scripter. So mostly I'd focus to help them.

Good thing, that I still love my Battle System script. If you have question or support, please contact me by facebook page, or my channel (i'd redirect you to my FB page though if I'd like to ask for further information)

Edit: Holy shit, this is my first post of this year