Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New RPG Maker announced. With built-in sideview battle?

It's been a while since I'm waiting for the new series of RPG Maker.
Recently, I found RPG Maker news in Free Indie Games facebook fanpage and Siliconera. The new series of RM is RMMV (what a weird acronym if I may say). The nice feature is they added multi-device support, mouse, high-resolution, etc.

But something that bother me is the side-view battle.
I do have plan to back on RPG Maker world by doing port my Theolized SBS to new RM series. But they already have it.

By this, I'm not sure if I'm still have interest to upgrade my battle system or not.
Or instead, I upgrade their. Well, can't say right now. Just wait.

Hopefully I could fall in love to the new RM

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Update - Invisible Regions v1.1

Version : 1.1
Original Post : Invisible Regions
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- Stay visible region
Seseorang nyaranin bagaimana jika ada region yang tetap bisa dilihat walau player sedang tidak ada di region itu.

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