Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Sign of Hiatus

Hi folks, sorry if I bring (probably) a bad news. 

I'm college student, and now I'm getting closer to the end of the year (did I even pick the right word?). That means, it getting more 'worse'. No, not my grades. My grades are normal. But, you know, I might get a lot of assignments like paper reviews, researches, and many more. I will likely need to struggle more to keep my grades up 

That said, I'm not even sure if I could keep in touch to RPG Maker as much as before. Also I'm not even sure if I have time to create new scripts and support them (and maybe, I will close the commision too). But don't worry, I wont abandon RPG Maker, just yet. I have no reason to do it at the moment. It was part of life. 

If I have a little spare time, I may use it either to provide support to my battle system, or working on my (dream) game project. 

That's all. Hope you understand.

Taken, and partially edited from: VXAN blog


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