Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Theo - Insane Anti Lag

Version : 1.0c
Perkenalan :
Seperti yang kalian tau, jika game kalian memiliki banyak event, tidak menutup kemungkinan bahwa akan terjadi lag. Meski map kalian hanya terdiri dari event kosong. Script ini bisa membantu menghilangkan yang ditimbulkan oleh event

Layar Tembak :

Cara penggunaan :
Pasang scriptnya di bawah material namun di atas main
Baca instruksinya, dan diharapkan bisa bahasa inggris

Download :
Click here (English)
Sorry kalo adanya cuman bahasa inggris lantaran gw ngonsepnya bareng scripter luar. Dan gw lagi males banget translasi ke indo lel


  1. Theo Allen
    Gimana cara nya ganti menu title
    gua baru coba RMVXA. Gua search di mbah google gak ada
    pliss jawab

  2. Hi TheoAllen,

    I just tried your "Insane Anti-Lag" script out with the project my development team and I have been working on, and I was so pleased to see it working harmoniously with all our current scripts, including Yanfly's "Visual Battlers" and even our team's custom troop modification script. This anti-lag script worked wonders! I'll highly recommend it to anyone looking for an anti-lag script.


    1. Hey, thank you very much for using my script. I'm glad to know that it worked perfectly in your project :D

  3. This is an amazing script. However I just found a compatibility error between this and CP's Battle Engine ( ) when you try to show an animation on map. Any easy fix? T.T

    1. I just solved it commenting the 'set_animation_origin' function of this script. It seems to be working fine now but I fear it might produce an error in other stuff :/

    2. Not really. If you commented out that part, it should be fine. Alternatively, you could try to put my antilag above CP's script

  4. gan saya mau pakek ini buat pokemon uranium saya, gimana cara makeknya?


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