Saturday, September 27, 2014

RPG Maker window too big? How do we fix it?

This article is a translation from this post with some change.

Some of you may already experience that the window of RPG Maker is too damn big. Do not ever ask this question on official forum or you will be suspected as a pirate. Though, the problem was not actually a pirated version of RPG Maker I guess. So, I decided to make this article to help you.

One of the answer is too expand your screen resolution. But it usually doesn't work because your screen is already meet the minimum resolution to work in RPG Maker. So, what is the problem?

Check your system font. Check whether the font named Verdana is exist or not. I bet it doesn't exist. It could caused by accidentally delete the font when you uninstall some software or you don't have the font at the first place. In this case, try to search the said font and install it in your system. 

I haven't got this problem, so I don't know if it requires to reboot or not. I just got this solution from my friend who has similar problem, and he solved it.
So, well... good luck. I hope this help ^^


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  3. My events page and resource manager pages are way too big! My toolbar covers the bottom of them and i moved the toolbar but it goes off my screen :( i have 1920 x 1080 resolution but its still huge? I can't access anything because its too big and also i don't have the tilesets option in the database? Please can someone help me?


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