Friday, August 22, 2014

TSBS Addon - Casting Pose

Version : 1.0
Requires : TSBS
Lagi males make template, jadi langsungan aja dah
Dengan post ini gw nyatakan gw rilis addon baru TSBS yang namanya Casting Pose. Apa itu? Addon ini ngebikin saat kamu selesai memilih command skill pada aktor, si doi bakal ganti pose idlenya jadi pose casting. Mirip-mirip ama BoF4. 

Langsung lihat videonya aja deh

Download :
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  1. Hello, from Argentina.

    I have to say this is a great addon and it's working fine and suits perfect for my gameplay in which some skills have som charge time. But it seems that works the same as the IDLE stance. What i mean is that it that it takes any of the comannds it wants to be the first. I don't know if I'm explianing myself well, but maybe with an example is easier to understand.
    If the cast sequence is an archer that takes the arrow and starts charging. It should requiere a series of ":poses"... but it doesn't really always starts from the first... and sometimes this results in that the archer doesn't take the arrow before starting to charge and does it when the loop restarts. Or even if it's not looped it starts from the ":pose" it wants. With IDLE usually happens too, that the first command/:pose, isn't always the first to take action. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong and it's something I'm not seeing.
    About the rest I said on other comments, I have to say I managed to do it. I was doing something wrong and my script wasn't copied right, so my mistake.
    As for the rest, I still think it's the best Battle System out there, with lots of customization and not hard to use.

    Anyway... bye now, and thanks for this cool script, that really is your masterpiece. Adiós.

    1. Well, it actually acts like an idle. It still imperfect and I already aware of that. Also a friend of mine already reported a bug. Stay tune, I'm sure I will update this addon to me more flexible

      I'm sorry for inconvenience

  2. Linknya tewas gan , tolong diperbaiki


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