Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Update - TSBS Tutorial Wiki

Lagi ngehype bikin tutorial buat TSBS. Akhir e gwa nemu tempat yang pas buat naruh tutorial gwa. Wikinya github. Sumpah cakep, tertata rapi. Kayak e gwa bakal ngulas seputar TSBS gwa disono daripada di blog ini yang entah kenapa formating e ngga enak banget. Langsung aja dah. So far, udah ada tiga bahasa yang gwa pake disana. Indonesia, inggris, dan portugis (kebetulan ada yang mau bantuin translate =D)

Cuman kontranya lu ngga bisa nanya apa-apa disana. Disana ngga ada kolom komentar. Jadi kalo mau tanya-tanya, kontak gwa aja lewat FB, RMID, ato VXAN


  1. Awesome script, it's simple to understand and gives perfect results. I still need to figure out how to make ranged attacks like archer, but I will soon... I believe.
    I was just wandering if there a place where I can switch the priority of battlers. Since it seems that the enemy has priority over the characters, so whenever my character hits them, they go below the enemy, and when the enemy attacks it goes above the characters. Is there a place on the script to make it work the opposite way and I'm not seeing it? Because I'm trying to make it look kind of isometric and looks weird that way.

    Anyway, thanks for translating this script. If you ask me, is the best side battle script. Over Yami's, Victor's or Tankentai.

    Thanks and adiós from Argentina =p.

    1. Thanks for trying my script :D
      I haven't tried with isometric style. I made a simple formula calculation for Z coordinate (a coordinate which hold the priority of the battler).

      Basically, Z value is same as Y coordinate. Battler with greater Y value will always displayed closer to player. It adds 1 increment Z coordinate if the battler perform a skill. So, the active battler / subject will always displayed over the target if they has same Y position.

      It seems I need to give an option to disable that increment option in config. Thanks for feedback

      I'm busy right now. But I'm still working on two samples for this battle system. A simple demo and a sample game. Stay tune :D

  2. bikin graphics batlernya pake apa?

  3. Hi, I'm here to report what might be, or might not be a bug or an error.
    the thing is that I can't manage to ad animated enemies. I tried with something like in the enemy tag.

    idle : Enemy_IDLE

    And nothing happened... then, after trying several times in different ways. I downloaded an older version of yout TSBS (Version:0.5) and saw I wasn't actually doing it wrong. Then I decided, to try the last version of your script with the Implementation script of the 0.5 Version and the animated battlers worked just fine. I didn't even do something else, the animated enemy just appeared just be changing versions of that part of the TSBS.
    Maybe you canged the way to put them in your last update and I didn't realize or is it some kind of error?

    I don't want to bother you, but I hope it works as feedback. Anyway, cheers from Argentina and adiós.

    1. Hmm... interesting. Well, it seems I need to make a complete wiki about how to make animated enemies. Since it really trouble some, really. Thank you for feedback


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