Monday, June 23, 2014

New English Translated Script

Hello folks, I'm aware that some minor of my blog visitors are from non-Indonesian. And some of you must be wishes an English translation of these scripts, don't you? Well guys, I'm now active on VXAN and I already posted some translations there. But I haven't listed yet here. So this post gonna be the list of already translated scripts. So far, here are the translations :
That's all for now. I do have a plan to translate others script to English. But I have a limited time and energy. And I'm currently got excited on expand my battle system features


  1. This is great, I hope to see more translated scripts.
    Maybe you woulnd't imagen but I usually come here to check your scripts because I really like them, pretty often actually... and I'm from Argentina xD

    Anyway... adiós.

    1. I usually got many responds from Argentina. Dunno who, it could be you or someone else since you're anonymous lol.

      I'm now on my way to translate my battle system to English. Stay tune, and thank you for visiting my blog :D

  2. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. It also have further shown that, we can provide you the best services of Translation and it is also considered one of the best. The translated script provided here, is also seemed to be more interesting one that will also be followed out by many of the other users.

    1. Bullshit!
      Kecuali lu ngerti bahasa gaul indon gw gak bakal percaya
      Coba bisa gak lu terjemahin bahasa gw ini?

      Get the fuck out!


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