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Eremidia Dungeon : Skyward Temple

General Info :
Project Name : Eremidia Dungeon : Skyward Temple - v1.3c
Code Name : AED / ED:ST
Engine : RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre : Dungeon Crawling RPG
Playtime : Approx. 2 Hours
Language : Dual Language (English & Indonesian)
Download Link : Click Here (Not required RTP to play)
RMN Page : Click here

Introduction : 
This is a simple short story about three young people who bravely explore an unexplored ruin called the "Skyward Temple". It is an abandoned temple known well as the Temple of the Dragons, and is located in the Eastern Realm of Eremidia. In order to capture the high-value artifact "Skyglyph", our party recklessly enters the temple. Can you help them retrieve the Skyglyph? 

This game is not an exercise in complex storytelling. I'm not an expert writer, so I'm keeping it simple. Instead, this is an exercise to provide gameplay based on my Theolized Sideview Battle System.  

If you have ever played Eremidia: Dungeon!, this game has very many similarities, such as: flame encounters; limited visibility; enemy naming; accessory naming. The location is not the exact same place, but the story is still based in the same continent. 

The Characters :

Name : Cornelia Stella (Stella)
Class : Marksman / Star Gunslinger (Ranged & Area Damage)
Short Bio : A self-proclaimed master of markswoman. Ironically, her speed is better than her accuracy. She doesn't have any experience in raiding dungeons yet. Sometimes, she always fight with Soleil just because a little thing

 Name : Emille Lunar (Lunar)
Class : Sorcerer / Silvermoon Mage (Magics & Healer/Support)
Short Bio : Adept sorcerer from Runica Academy. Has a wide knowledge about magics and history. He was the first time who wanted to take Skyglyph. Until he met his companions in his journey.
Name : Soleil Alfred (Soleil)
Class : Spellblade / Solar Blade (Melee & Damage Dealer)
Short Bio : Experienced dungeon raider. Very interested in exploration or battle. Often reckless to do something. His nature is tipically a main hero of the story. Such as, brave, sometimes naive, and almost doesn't fear anything.

Screenshots :

Videos can be found in my Youtube Channel

Features :
  • Sideview Battle System (Originally scripted by me)
  • Free Turn Battle (Thanks to Yanfly)
  • Dynamic Victory Aftermath
  • Visibility Range (Thanks to Galv)
  • Explore dungeon from 1-1 till 5-3
  • Fight The boss for each floor
  • Hidden accessories for each dungeon (except the last floor)
  • Skill cooldown (Thanks to Yanfly). You can't do the same skill at the next turn
  • Action Points (TP) instead of MP
  • Fast Paced battle. The enemy won't slightly damage your character. But you can also heal your character quickly
  • Encounter unique enemies. Each enemy has it's own patterns, abilities, or even weakness
Reviews and Let's play video
Credits : 

Story :
  • TheoAllen
  • Eremidia Contributor
Musics & Sounds :
  • Enterbrain
  • TheoAllen
  • Oscar
  • Freedom House
  • Hannya
  • Aaron Waltz / Aveyon
  • Dragon Symphony
  • Brust Dimension
  • Soleil-musique
  • Tukito
Scripts :
  • Enterbrain
  • TheoAllen
  • Yanfly
  • Galv
  • TDS
  • Shaz
  • Moghunter
  • estriole
  • Euphoria
Graphics :
  • Enterbrain
  • Kaduki
  • Milano Cat
  • Shikami (Recolor & ED Logo)
  • redlagart (Titlescreen)
  • jefriy
  • moghunter
  • Tammora / Masrinduz
Special Thanks :
  • Eremidia Chronicles
  • Mithran (for graphics global ref)
  • Troyz (for articles about undisposed sprite object)
  • richter_h (Betatester and as E:D! Developer)
  • wltr3565 (Betatester)
  • dinhbat3 (proof read)
  • RonDChild (Balance feedback)
  • Thereisnoname (Balance feedback)
Original Artworks :
These are promotional artworks


  1. permisi gan mau tanya, itu gambar character nya bikin sendiri atau ngambil? kalo bikin sendiri pake apa?

    1. Gambar mana yang u maksud? Kalo faceset dari kaduki. Kalo original art nggambar sendiri. Pake PaintTool SAI

  2. Dead Link. Not Found

  3. link DL udah 404 bro

    1. Anjrid gw lupa ngupdate ini =))
      Cek disini aja lah

  4. Sy dah maenin gamenya,
    Gila, kren nih game . . . .
    Klo boleh tau, brp lama wktu pmbuatan gamenya,?
    'N bkal release eremedia lainnya ga?
    (Maaf nanya gtu, wong ini ja blm tamat)

    1. Jadinya game cuman butuh satu bulan. Polesnya yang sampe 3-4 bulanan. Game Eremidia lainnya insya allah bakal muncul lagi :)

  5. Keren keren keren keren....
    dtunggu Eremidia-nya yg lain :D...Sukses Gan :D

  6. Keren, semoga ada sequelnya

    itu caranya hp pulih setiap battle sama setiap langkah gimana?
    script apa event?

  7. sprite battlernya buat sendiri atau gimana gan??

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