Friday, January 3, 2014

Going to hiatus for an unknown time

Okay, it's time to an english post, so I can make it general. As you can see, my blog isn't up to date yet, and it seems I've abandoned some support for my scripts. Well, for an unknown periods of time, I'm going to hiatus for any other forum even this blog.

The main reasons are, I'm going to take my final exam in my college. And I'm getting excited with my "first project", so I need to focus to finish it. You know, it's been 6 years since the last time I knew RPG Maker, and I don't finish even a single project yet. The main project I currently do is Another ED: Skyward Temple. The demo is avalaible, but not in English.

Well, I'm not literally hiatus. You can find me mainly on RPGMakerID forum, or RMVXPA Facebook Group. See u later

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