Sunday, October 13, 2013

Theo - VX Style Choice

Version : 1.0b
Perkenalan :
Bagi kamu yang kangen dengan style choice kek model VX, script ini mungkin bisa ngebantu elu.

Screenshot :

VX Style Choices
Cara penggunaan :

Pasang script ini dibawah material namun diatas main.
Gunakan script call sebagai berikut buat nampilin choice model VX.
vx_choice(true)   << buat ngehidupin
vx_choice(false)  << buat ngematiin

Update Logs
Download :

Note :
Kemungkinan besar ngga kompatible dengan Large Choice


  1. Gotcha, i get da bug..
    when vx_choice snippet is true, the choice isn't displayed. if i don't inserting a message. (but in VX, that choice is still displayed)
    so, can you give an fix?

    (not an large choice, i using 2 choice to test it...)

    1. Oh well, I didn't think of it. Thanks for report. Update will be avalaible soon

  2. maksudnya large choice itu apa? choice dengan kata2 yang panjang?

    1. Script yang ngebikin choice bisa lebih dari 4 pilihan ~

  3. Hi! I have a problem!

    I created a text consisting of two lines, for example. Then I add the "Show Choices" consisting of 4 items. At first glance, everything is working correctly. 4 items do not fit and are moved to the next page.

    But if you put label between the text and "Show Choices" , as seen in the screenshot

    text duplicated again, and the elements "Show Choices" will disappear at the edge of the screen

    Please can you fix it? Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Hey, thanks for report! I tried the same case in RMVX and that didnt happen. Let see if I could work around it.

  4. KK Theo, kok pas pake looping, choice 1 malah lengket di choice 2 stelah looping sich?

  5. apa bisa dipakai di Massage ballon fungsi ininya.


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