Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Theo - Stacking States

Version : 1.0
Perkenalan :
Script ini ngebikin kamu bisa ngasi status ke musuh secara tumpuk-tumpuk. Misalnya enemy kena 3 status poison dan semacemnya.

Screenshot :

Stacking states

Cara penggunaan :
Pasang script ini dibawah material namun diatas main. Gunakan tag <stack: n> pada notebox states di database. Dimana n adalah angka untuk maksimal untuk tumpukan state

Download :


  1. hohohoho.. this is really what i need!!!

    :D pretty neat!!

  2. Say you have a Bleeding State that can be stacked, meaning, you have various cuts along the body.
    I thought this script would have it so that each cut heals at their own rate, and that by using Bandages to remove the Bleeding state, only one out of multiple of the state would be removed.

    May I ask for the ability to do this? Meaning, one "Bandage" gets rid of one "Bleeding", in a notetag like or so on a state? Think about how buffs and debuffs work: if you have your Attack lowered twice, and you use something to raise your attack once, only one of the Attack debuffs will be removed. So you will go from having 2 Attack debuffs to only 1. It doesn't remove both. That is somewhat like what I'm trying to have the option to do here.

    If a state gets rid of another state, say, Burn removes Frozen, and you have Frozen stacked 3 times, all three of those Frozen states will be removed.

    And if you want to remove all Bleeding states, then you can have an item that removes the Bleeding state at 100% multiple times.

    And the function Full Recovery, where all states are removed (like if you go in an Inn), all of the Bleeding stacks will be removed.

    1. Still working on it. I'm now thinking the best way how to implement this one. Because it would be ended up to overwrite remove and add state methods in script which may cause incompatibility among others script.

      Yeah, incompatibility is the big deal for scripters

    2. That's fine. Thank you for considering. Do you take Paypal money commissions for medium/small sized scripts or fixes?

    3. I don't take any money right now. Because I don't have any paypal account yet.

  3. I meant like a notetag that says single_remove or something, in brackets.

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