Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Theo - Non-RPG Main Menu

Version : 0.8 (In development)
Perkenalan :
Script ini didesain untuk game Non-RPG yang hanya berisi items, load, save, game end

Screenshot :

Simple Menu
Simple Inventory
Combined with simple menu info
Cara penggunaan :
Pasang script ini dibawah material namun diatas main
Jika kamu menggunakan script Non-RPG Actor Biography, pasang script ini dibawahnya. Sisanya bisa diedit di konfigurasi

Download :

Note :
Karena sebenernya gw kurang tau kebutuhan untuk game Non-RPG apa aja, jadi kalo ada masukan-masukan, bisa langsung komen disini


  1. apa window gold bisa diganti sama nama player?

    1. Kalo dalam script ini ga ada konfignya. Karena ini gw sediain buat umum dimana orang pada umumnya lebih butuh nampilin gold daripada nama player.

      Kalo mau se, w bikinin khusus buat lu aja gmn?

  2. Kalau mau menambahkan menu command status tanpa saling bertumpukan di script ini bagaimana?

  3. mau nanya.... kalau bikin menu kayak gini di RMXP bisa ga? atau hanya di VXA aja?

    1. Bisa. tapi kalo kamu minta wa bikinin untuk RMXP, ga bisa

    2. kalau di XP bikin kayak gini pake script juga atau pake event?. pernah lihat tutorial bikin menu kayak gini di VXA tp pake common event.

    3. Pake script. Tapi gw udah bilangin gw ga ngurusi hal selain RMVXA

  4. Awesome, but Item Command just only Item tab, Can you add key item? and you can add option to add common event in menu. Thanks.

    P/s: Sorry i don't know Idonesia language and My English isn't good. :(

    1. Thanks. I rarely plays non-RPG made from RPG Makers. So I actually don't know their requirements. (And I don't really like to make one).

      I can add them. But, if you're in hurry, you can ask any scripter out there to make modification on in. Since I'm not in a position to edit this script lately. Don't worry, I give them permission. My scripts are free to edit

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thanks for reply, I'm not hurry, I can wait until you release new update for this. :D
      Btw, just a little question: Why did you delete that chatbox?

    4. Yeah, I deleted the chatbox. I just realized that It is the third party widget which may causes people who access my blog is being redirected to someone's youtube channel.

    5. Thanks. I'm a new to edit scripting. But, after comparing 2 script item mini of nickle and your script, i was able to merge the key item and item in the menu. Thank you again. I really want to learn scripting. However, i dont know how to start. :(

    6. Glad to hear that. Well, you can start by watching dp3's RGSS3 video tutorial. I'm sure it will helps you to understand RGSS3.

      Click link here

      However, I learn RGSS3 using different references and tutorials

  5. nunggu versi selanjutnya bang,
    ( + menu equipment senjata aja )


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