Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Theo - Interact Hover Notification

English Version Avalaible
Version : 1.1
Perkenalan :
Script ini untuk menampilkan notifikasi interaksi diatas setiap event yang triggernya action button selama event tersebut tidak kosong atau dihapus (erase event).
Script ini adalah hasil port dari salah satunya script Purifying Quest

Screenshot :

Cara penggunaan :
Pasang dibawah material namun diatas main
Gunakan comment pada event seperti berikut

Comment on Event
Update Log
Addon :
Download :


  1. gan rpg maker vx nie pake bahasa ruby juga ya,
    bisa gak scriptnya dipake buat rpgm xp mohon pencerahanya.,.,.

    1. maaf banget, nda bisa. ini khusus VX Ace aja

  2. kira-kira tempet yang banyak nyediain script ruby buat xp dimane gan.,.,tpi yang adminnye bersahabat gitu.,,,.

    1. Forum2 luar gt banyak. Coba cek disini linknya

  3. I really like your script I just wish I could make the text show anytime instead of just when the event has a onClick trigger. Also I realized that if I have like a conditional branch with each setting one interaction it doesn't work. Oh and another bug that happens to me is if I reload game (load_game(0)) directly into the same map I'm at the text will only show up if I leave the map and the go back to it.

    Anyhow great stuff thanks for it!

    1. Let me make a quick guide to edit the script by yourself. In RGSS(3), event trigger is represented as number. 0 = action button, 1 = player touch, 2 = event touch, 4 = autorun, 5 = pararel.

      Go ahead to line 91.
      return false if trigger != 0 << this mean if the trigger isn't 0, then it will return false. It means that unless the trigger isn't 0, the hover notification wont show.

      If you want to change how it works, just comment out that line using # or completely delete that line. And replace with this following lines

      return false if trigger == 4
      return false if trigger == 5

      "Also I realized that if I have like a conditional branch with each setting one interaction it doesn't work"

      It because I treated comment same as notebox in database. Comment will be read regardless where you placed the comment tag
      And for the bug. I have no idea where did you pointed out that bug. I have no problem with reload game even with my quick save and load script :/

    2. * It means that unless the trigger is 0, the hover notification wont show. *
      (damn, blogger didn't allow me to edit the comment)

  4. Ini script ada gg yang versi Vx ?

    1. Well, ane ngga berurusan ama RGSS2 kk, thanks

  5. is there a way to turn this off at a certain point of the game?

  6. Just wanted to mention that this script wont function unless the event with the comment has commands added AFTER the tagging comment.

    IOW: An event with ONLY a comment with the hover text tag, and no other event commands on the page, wont display any hover text. This may be intended behavior.

    1. Yes, it's intended behaviour
      It also doesn't count label as well


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