Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Theo - Event Notification

Version : 1.0
Require : Basic Module
Perkenalan :
Script ini berfungsi untuk menampilkan event popup diatas player saat player mendapat item atau mendapat gold. kamu juga bisa menyeting popupmu sendiri dengan menggunakan teks.

Screenshot :

Gain gold notification

Gain item notification

Notifikasi teks

Bagi yang males show text "it's locked"

Cara penggunaan :
Pasang dibawah material namun diatas main.
untuk script call notifikasi, kamu bisa menuliskan
- evnotif_add("text")
- evnotif_add("text",color_id)
color_id adalah warna dari text color. Inputan adalah berupa angka dari 0 - 31
untuk mendisable/enable change item / change gold, kamu bisa gunain
- evnotif_change_item(true/false)
- evnotif_change_gold(true/false)
pilih salah satu dari true atau false



  1. Nice script Theo,thanks you very much. Just a little question,it is possible to add icons and different colors for every notification? Excuse me for my bad English and greetings from Argentina.

    1. don't worry. I'm also not fluent enough when it comes for english language, haha...

      did you mean each item has their own color notification? so you can add notetag for each item in database with :

      "notif color : 1" #for example

      if you're looking for it, you're lucky. Next update, I'll add that feature.
      if you're looking for text based notification, you can specify the color by script call. for example :


      3 is a color ID same as text color (\C[n]) in show text

  2. Okay! I'm looking forward to it ,excuse me for the late reply... I'm busy with studies.
    Good luck in your future proyects.


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