Saturday, June 1, 2013

Theo - Chest System

English translation avalaible!
Version : 1.2
Perkenalan :
Script ini ngebikin kamu bisa buka chest beneran. Kamu bisa mengambil barang, barang yang ada disana atau menyimpannya disana

Screenshot :

Chest Menu
Saat ngambil barangnya
Cara penggunaan :
Pasang dibawah material namun diatas main.
Gunakan urutan eventing kek gini

Comment dan script call
Tag2 yang tersedia untuk ditulis di comment.
<item: id, jumlah>
<weapon: id, jumlah>
<armor: id, jumlah>

Dan beberapa konfigurasi minor dalam scriptnya

Konfigurasi dalam script
Update Logs
- Version 1.1
- Version 1.2

Download :
Script (ENG) (Thanks to AbsoluteIce)


  1. Kak, cara hilangin item di inventory untuk pertama kali buka, yang perlu di efit dimananya. :3 maaf merepotkan.

    1. Mungkn maksudnya waktu chest pertama kali dibuka :3
      itu sih bagian:

      dikosongin aja :3

  2. Hello, Theo Allen. I believe I have come across a crucial bug.
    While playing I placed items into a chest and saved in-game then quit and shut down the game entirely. I started my game up again and loaded my save file then, but the contents of the chest were not saved too.

    I would appreciate it if this problem could be fixed, please.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. That's weird. I already put chests in save contents. Have you tried in blank project?

    2. Yes. I have also tried it with and without the Limited Inventory script just to be sure it wasn't that script.
      I can return to the title screen then load a file and the contents will be saved, but once I shut down the game it seems to change.

  3. I tried using the chest system hoping it changes the gurl's chest from F to B, but it doesn't!

  4. Could you add the functionality to limit the number of items you can have in the chest? Something similar to your limited inventory script but just for the chest?

  5. Chest does not save items, always returned to original state!

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