Monday, June 10, 2013

Theo - Basic Modules

Version : 1.5c / 1.5d
Perkenalan :
Script ini gw bikin khusus untuk devtool gw. Jadi kalo semisal u mau make script2 gw, lebih baik kalo make ini juga. Soalnya nantinya script gw ada yang butuhin ini. Script ini udah termasuk kompilasi core2 script gw lainnya.

Update Log
- Version 1.3
- Version 1.3b
Version 1.4 
- Version 1.5 (males bikin post)
- Version 1.5b
- Version 1.5c (males bikin post)
- Version 1.5d

Download :


  1. This script incompatibility with XaiL System - Core, it'll show the error: "stack level to deep" when using show message.

    1. It's going well on me. I also looked at XS - Core and both script are not overwrite same method. They are different. Maybe it because the others script

    2. i used to TDS Script Disabler and disable all my script ( - XS Core and Theo Core), when I active event(only command show text message in that) and it'll show "stack level to deep". Here is my demo:

    3. It is funny, when I arranged the script into this one
      it's works.

      Dunno why, but it seems TDS script disabler is the one causing the problem

    4. A, thank you! I'm understand. I'll remove TDS Script now. :*

    5. Just a little tip. If you want to disable certain scripts, just move the main process above or move the script below main. So they won't be executed. You don't really need TDS script disabler

  2. The module doesn't work when I encrypt my game when I compress it. But works when the game is not encrypted.

    1. What is the error notice btw?
      And are u sure it was my module?

  3. Bang theo, itu link nya kan banyak...

    Gw download yang versi terakhirnya aja apa semuanya yah?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. i already did everything in your youtube video but when i tried to attack theres a popup says "script implementation line4719 : argumenterror occured. wrong number of argument (2 for 3) what should i do?

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