Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Theo - Core Movement

Pengenalan :
Script ini adalah script core agar sebuah object sprite atau window bisa gerak. Aslinya buat dev toolnya para scripter biar ngga susah-susah bikin method lagi buat movement. Well, at least buat gw ndiri :P

Cara pakai :
Tulis dalam script
- object.goto(x,y[,duration,jump]) >> untuk menuju ke koordinat
- object.slide(x,y[,duration,jump]) >> untuk nggeser
penjelasan lengkapnya udah ada di scriptnya. Males nulis ulang

Download :
Theo - Core Movement 

Note :
- Kayaknya sih  kompatible ama RGSS ato RGSS2 juga. Tapi belom tak cek
- Kalo ada bug atau hal semacamnya jangan lupa lapor :3

English Version :

Introduce :
This script is a core engine for object movement such as move to coordinate or slide. It was made for scripter dev tool which mean, it only provide basic module. Well, at least it will be my basic module for my future script :P

How to use :
write in script :
- object.goto(x,y[,duration,jump]) >> go to specific coordinate
- object.slide(x,y[,duration,jump]) >> slide object
The rest of instructions can be read inside script documentation.

Note :
- I'm sorry if my script was documented in indonesian language. I'm not quite sure if I can translate it into english.
- It seems this script also compatible with RGSS or RGSS2. But I wasn't checked yet
- If there's any bug, I'll be glad if you report it immediately.

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