Wednesday, September 14, 2016


That's probably what people think when I'm not around or this blog had no new post or replied comments. To be frank, that I slightly lose interest in RM. Well, not entirely, just I think I'd use RM for personal use for now. I learned a lot of stuff already while releasing script or snippets for public. It was fun, and challenging, but it become boring and become a chore when it comes to supporting my whole scripts as the time goes by. I'm done with learning, time to make a real stuff.

Especially when we also have MV that most of people seems excited about it. Yes, I'm aware that some people who're still sticking in Ace. But that's it. I'm quite salty that MV got official development and support from the dev (version release and stuff), and yet Ace is still stay the same. Only community who expanded their stuff, hacking the dll, etc.

For now, and the future, I don't think I'd be around the community (VXAN, RMW, etc). No point continuing a hobby that becomes a chore. Besides, I already signed a contract to three people who wants me to be their scripter. So mostly I'd focus to help them.

Good thing, that I still love my Battle System script. If you have question or support, please contact me by facebook page, or my channel (i'd redirect you to my FB page though if I'd like to ask for further information)

Edit: Holy shit, this is my first post of this year

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Moving to MV?

Recently I got several messages about start to work on RPG Maker MV. Instead of answering them one by one, I'd just dump my answer on this post. Plus a bit venting

Honestly, I'm a bit hesitant to start to work in RPG Maker MV due to these reasons. Some of them are my disappointment towards the tool

  • It's fairly a new engine. There is no much free resources released yet since we literally got a different standard resource format so that we couldn't use our VX format resources in general
  • Creating new project take 400mb because there is no RTP. Which mean 3 project is equal as 1.2GB. I know we could work around it, but it just troublesome.
  • It doesn't support MIDI. I know it's obsolete music format. But it's the best method to compress your game size into a friendly size.
  • I'm new to Javascript in general. I need to know all of their detail to start working on it. I won't make plugin anytime soon.
Thus, if you expect me to port my scripts as MV plugins, don't. Even if I do, I may couldn't answer when you have issues. But, I'm learning in very slow pace. It was due to my disappointment to our new RM tool honestly.

Plus, I don't think I'm gonna leave VXA anytime soon by knowing this. Let see if some of you still love to make game in RPG Maker VXAce.

Blog update - Lazy edition

Pool Added

I just want to know what do you think about newly released RMMV. You can see it on my sidebar

Message Balloon updated to v2.0b

Bugfix - In some case, message balloon isn't displayed after you transfered to different map.

New TSBS Addon - Manual Layering

A person commented on my youtube channel asking if he could make manual layering. He wanted to put the battler always in front. So I made this.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sekilas Dan Kesan Pertama Tentang RPG Maker MV

Kemaren gw beruntung banget bisa dapet RPG Maker MV dari pre-order berkat bantuan temen. Dan disini gw akan mengulas beberapa kesan pertama gw liat generasi penerus seri RPG Maker yang satu ini untuk referensi bagi kalian yang belom punya. Asumsi kalian sudah tau seluk beluk RPG Maker VX Ace dan seri RM sebelumnya, karena gw bakal ngebandingin ama mereka

Besar program RPG Maker MV
Hal yang perlu diperhatikan disini sebelum kalian memulai mencoba tool yang satu ini, bahwa gede dari file yang akan didownload adalah dua kali lipat dari RPG Maker VX Ace yaitu dengan besar sekitar 533 MB dalam format zip. Dan begitu selesai diinstal akan bengkak menjadi 749 MB

Ok, berlanjut ke memulai sebuah project. Tidak sama kek tradisi RM pada umumnya dimana kamu punya RTP di folder terpisah, tapi setiap kali buka project, semua RTP langsung dikopi dalam folder projectmu dan gede total sekitar hampir 400 MB

Buat yang punya internet ama quota pas-pas'an plus free space yang tinggal secuil, gw saranin untuk mempertimbangkan ulang jika kalian bener-bener mau mencoba tool ini.

Gede satu project begitu dibikin

Rajin-rajin memangkas resource yang ngga dibutuhkan. 170 MB berasal dari Audio dan 200'an MB berasal dari Graphics. Gw yakin gak semua grafis ato sound kepakai. Jadi pilih-pilih. Dan hati-hati bagi yang demen bikin NEP (Baca: Never Ending Project) kebanyakan, ntar bisa-bisa HDD kalian bengkak cuman karena project gak jadi-jadi =P

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New RPG Maker announced. With built-in sideview battle?

It's been a while since I'm waiting for the new series of RPG Maker.
Recently, I found RPG Maker news in Free Indie Games facebook fanpage and Siliconera. The new series of RM is RMMV (what a weird acronym if I may say). The nice feature is they added multi-device support, mouse, high-resolution, etc.

But something that bother me is the side-view battle.
I do have plan to back on RPG Maker world by doing port my Theolized SBS to new RM series. But they already have it.

By this, I'm not sure if I'm still have interest to upgrade my battle system or not.
Or instead, I upgrade their. Well, can't say right now. Just wait.

Hopefully I could fall in love to the new RM

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Update - Invisible Regions v1.1

Version : 1.1
Original Post : Invisible Regions
Apa yang baru?

- Stay visible region
Seseorang nyaranin bagaimana jika ada region yang tetap bisa dilihat walau player sedang tidak ada di region itu.

Layar Tembak

How to use
Download :
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Good News and Bad News.

Well, it's been a long time since the last time I active in RPG Maker Community. Today, I bring you a good news and a bad news at the same time.

The good news is :
Have you ever heard Theolized SBS in game edit? If you never heard, well just see this video

In a nutshell, it just a project to allow you to edit TSBS sequence in game. So you could preview your own action sequence and modified it without a need to edit the script, save, and battle test which is kinda tedious